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Cheap Cardboard Boxes

Cheap, strong cardboard boxes for moving, storage and packing. Like new recycled cardboard boxes, heavy duty, flat packed clean and green. Supporting the environment and DOG ADOPTION. 

Cheap Cardboard Storage Boxes | Moving & Packing

We offer quality Cheap Cardboard Boxes for storage, packing and moving solutions. Flat packed and in near new condition. Various sizes - small (great for books) medium (kitchenware), large (clothing) and extra large. Clean and green, our recycled cardboard moving boxes aim to help the environment and also supports dogs in need - Dog Adoption. 

Don't waste money on expensive new boxes when Cheap Cardboard Boxes will do the job for a fraction of the cost.  

Karrinyup (near Scarborough Beach)

0411 056 722

Edgewater (south of Joondalup)

0411 103 509

Our Cheap Cardboard Storage Boxes

Small Boxes

20 - 50 litres

Similar to 'book box'. Great for packing up an office or your cherished novels, cook books, wine, DVDs, glassware.

$1 each

Medium Boxes

55 - 95 litres

Suitable for heavy items like crockery, kitchenware, glassware, sporting goods and electrical.

$2 each

Large Boxes

90 - 110 litres

Similar to 'Tea Chest'. Great for general purpose, clothes, linen, blankets, toys and protection for paintings.

$3 each

Extra Large Boxes

Over 110 litres

Cushions, bedding, small box consolidation, art work plus protection for TVs and mirrors.

$4 each

Packing Material

Packing tape, bubble wrap, butchers paper, cardboard crockery dividers.



Karrinyup WA

North of the river, Perth

0411 056 722

Please phone for address

Open 9.00 am - 6.00 pm daily

including weekends and holidays

Edgewater WA

North of the river, Perth

0411 103 509

Please phone for address

Open 9.00 am - 6.00 pm daily

including weekends and holidays

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