Strong Heavy Duty Cardboard Boxes

We offer quality Cheap Cardboard Boxes to the public at close to wholesale prices to those needing storage, packing and moving solutions.


Importantly, box sales fund our dog rescue and rehoming service, Dog Adoption. In addition, recycling is also providing a valuable service to the environment.

Our inexpensive cardboard packaging are very popular and in near new condition. They have been used once to get merchandise into stores. The boxes are strong, clean and flat packed. Instead of going to landfill we put the boxes to good use.


Our cheap cardboard boxes are ideal for moving house, storage, decluttering, online store postage/e-commerce, art projects and even cubby houses.


Our boxes are not standard packing box sizes but are often almost identical. The volumes are similar to:

  • Book Box,

  • Tea Chest and

  • everything in between.

  • On occasion we also have HUGE boxes the size of a standard fridge.


We usually have multiple boxes the same size as each other making storage a lot easier. 


Clean. Flat packed. In tact with flaps.


The corrugated cardboard ranges in thickness (ply) but all are suitable for moving. Keep in mind the thicker the cardboard the heavier the box. 


Sorry, we don't deliver.

Terms & Conditions

  • Sorry - no holds or exchanges.

  • Minimum single spend $20 per visit made up of any combination of sizes. 

Always super cheap cardboard boxes, flat packed and great quality.

Supporting Dog Adoption