Our Cheap Cardboard Storage Boxes

Our Cheap Cardboard Moving Boxes

Small Boxes

20 - 50 litres

Similar to 'book box'. Great for packing up an office or your cherished novels, cook books, wine, DVDs, glassware.

$1 each

Medium Boxes

55 - 95 litres

Suitable for heavy items like crockery, kitchenware, glassware, sporting goods and electrical.

$2 each

Large Boxes

90 - 110 litres

Similar to 'Tea Chest'. Great for general purpose, clothes, linen, blankets, toys and protection for paintings.

$3 each

Extra Large Boxes

Over 110 litres

Cushions, bedding, small box consolidation, art work plus protection for TVs and mirrors.

$4 each

Packing Material

Packing tape, bubble wrap, butchers paper, cardboard crockery dividers.