7 Tips When Moving House

Moving house can be an extremely stressful period for the entire family and your network of friends. Here are a few tips to try and make the process a little easier.


  • Get your cardboard packing boxes early. Don’t be exploited because you are in a rush. New boxes can be prohibitively expensive. There is nothing wrong with second hand boxes and most of ours are in almost new condition. Critically, our boxes are a fraction of the price – plus it goes to a great cause (Dog Adoption).  Call us here at CheapCardboardBoxes. Start with a few and you can always add later. You don’t want to be stuck with too many.

  • Cull Obsolete Items. If you have not looked at it or used it for more then a few years it is probably time to consider getting rid of the item. It also feels good to de-clutter. A third party, like a friend or family member, can sometimes be the voice of reason.

  • Be prepared. Give your self as much time as you can. For those who tend to procrastinate this is easier said then done but once you get started you may find you find momentum. The first box is the hardest.

  • Get the kids involved. If you have children ask them to help by working on some of their things in their room. If they are too young they can at least play with the cardboard moving boxes – thy make great cubbies.

  • Ask for Help. Family and friends can be your best allies but remember – there is an unwritten rule that once someone helps you move house you are indebted for life !!

  • Don’t be afraid to hire a moving van yourself. Many small trucks allow folks to drive them on normal licences and they often come with a baggage trolley and a hydraulic lifting platform at the rear. Just watch out for over hanging trees !!

  • Check the long term weather forecast. There is nothing worse then trying to cart moving boxes in the rain or on a stinking hot day.