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Notebook and Pen

Moving House Check List

8 Tips to help when packing and moving.

Moving can be a busy time so it is understandable why people can forget to do important items. The best way to avoid the unthinkable is to have a plan and follow a simple checklist:


  • Make a List – include even the smallest of things that need to be done. Keep your list in a central, visible place e.g. on the kitchen fridge, together with a pencil (pens tend to stop working just at the wrong time). Add a ‘due by date’ to each item so nothing is over looked. Not only does it help you organise yourself it also feels great when you can tick something off !

  • Forward your Mail. This is essential while you finalise changing your address with the assortment of parties that need to know. It also takes the heat off for a period of time while you concentrate on packing, moving and unpacking

  • Change of Address.

    • Drivers Licence

    • Banks

    • Credit Cards

    • Utilities

    • Telco Provider

    • Medical (doctor, dentist, podiatrist, etc…)

    • Council (for rate notices)

    • Council (for change of dog registration)

    • Micro chip Registry for dogs and cats.

  • Label your Cardboard Moving Boxes. Use a thick, permanent marker or sticky label. Make sure you itemise what is in each box. You can then easily move each box  straight into the correct room.This will help you unpack the essential items at the other end avoiding a total mess.

  • Pack fragile Items with plenty of Protection. Make sure you use generous layers of  bubble wrap, butchers paper, crockery dividers, newspaper or plastic bags to protect fragile items like cups, plates, figurines, TVs, Picture Frames etc… One layer may not be enough.

  • Run through your List / Plan with a Third party. A fresh set of ears may help you avoid forgetting something really important you may have over looked.

  • Place Pets in a Safe Place.Ideally ask a friend, family member or kennel to look after them on the day of the move.  Pets can easily get out through a gate that is usually locked. All the unusual activity can also be very stressful. They also tend to get under foot and can easily trip someone up, hurting your movers and also themselves. You don’t need a huge vet bill added to all the other expenses associated with moving.

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