Cardboard Moving Boxes 

Medium Heavy Duty Cartons 

Suitable for kitchenware, clothing, foot ware,  electrical items, sporting goods and general purpose. Reinforced by 2 rows of corrugated cardboard these are heavy duty, extra strong packing boxes. 

Multiple Moving Boxes Available

Moving boxes all the same size makes stacking much easier. These medium moving boxes are bigger than the half tea chest pack and move cartons. 

580mm L x 370 W x 300 H = 64 litres

Cheap 2 ply packing box medium.jpeg

Cardboard Moving Boxes 

We have multiple all the same available making your move neater, safer and efficient. These cardboard moving boxes are more generous and versatile than the half tea chest pack and move cartons.

495mm L x 375 W x 280 H = 52 litres

530mm L x 450 W x 300 H = 72 litres

560mm L x 460 W x 290 H = 75 litres

 570mm L x 455 W x 320 H = 83 Litres