2 Ways to Calculate Volume

100 Litres = 0.10 Cubic Meters (CBM) = Tea Chest Box.

It can be very difficult trying to visualise how much you can pack into a certain sized box. Typically, people underestimate just how large some boxes can be. Even if you can find someone to pick up a large packing box, the bottom may fall out of an over packed cardboard box.

Most professional removal companies will have a maximum lift limit, typically about 50 kgs, and even family and friends should take care lifting.

Working out the volume required in advance can help:-

  • void purchasing the wrong size or number of cardboard moving boxes,

  • select the right vehicle if hiring a truck/van,

  • obtain an accurate quote if using a professional removal company (as they usually work in total volume).

Most of our boxes have the volume on the side of the packing box or you can use this formula.

  • CBM = (Height CM x Width CM x Depth CM) ÷ 100

  • Volume in LITRES = (CBM x 100) + 0.1

Another way to Calculate Volume in LITRES

For example:

10 Tea Chest Boxes x 100L = 1000 Litres

10 Medium Boxes x 70 L = 700 Litres

10 Small Boxes x 40L = 400 Litres

In this example you will be moving 2100 Litres or 2.1 Cubic Meters.