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Calculate how many cheap cardboard boxes needed

Two Ways to Calculate Volume

Calculate how many cardboard moving boxes you need by first estimating the volume. 

Some Simple Maths 

It can be very difficult trying to visualise how much you can pack into a certain sized box. Typically, people underestimate just how large some boxes can be. Even if you can find someone to pick up a large packing box, the bottom may fall out of an over packed cardboard box.

Most professional removal companies will have a maximum lift limit, typically about 50 kgs, and even family and friends should take care lifting.

Working out the volume required in advance can help:-

  • avoid purchasing the wrong size or number of cardboard moving boxes,

  • select the right vehicle if hiring a truck/van,

  • obtain an accurate quote if using a professional removal company (as they usually work in total volume).

 1 Calculate Volume in Litres

You can use these formulas to calculate Cubic Metres and convert this to Volume in Litres. 

  • Cubic Metre = (Height CM x Width CM x Depth CM) ÷ 100

  • Cubic Metre x 1000 = Volume in litres 

2 Calculate Volume in Litres

Most of our boxes have the volume on the side of the packing box. Simply add up the volume. For example:

  • 10 Tea Chest Boxes x 100L = 1000 Litres

  • 10 Medium Boxes x 70 L = 700 Litres

  • 10 Archive Boxes x 40L = 400 Litres

In this example you will be moving 2100 Litres or 2.1 Cubic Meters.

Cheap Cardboard Boxes for Kitchen ware

How Many Boxes Will I Need to Move House?

This is one of the harder parts of calculating your removalist quote,. 

We have found the best way to do this is to estimate your cartons on a room to room basis, as opposed to attempting to make a ‘guestimate’ at the end.

By this we mean as you are walking around your home and listing your furniture and belongings try to visualise contents of cupboards and loose items in piles and then count how many piles you think there will be for each room.

We recommend the following quantities to get you started



1 bedroom house, 10 small boxes, 15 medium boxes and 10 large boxes

2 bedroom house, 20 small boxes, 25 medium boxes, 25 large boxes 

3-4 bedroom house, 30 small boxes, 40-50 medium boxes, 35-45 large boxes 

5-6 bedroom house, 50 small boxes, 60-70 medium boxes, 50-60 large boxes

Of course, everyone’s circumstances are different so adjust the quantities to suit the level of items in your house. And if you’ve got more clothing or books than the average person, consider purchasing extra boxes to make sure you’re covered.

Small cheap cardboard boxes for books

Common Mistakes When Buying Moving Boxes

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