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Cheap Cardboard Box sales are the primary source of funding for Dog Adoption, - our national dog rehoming, adoption and rescue service.


By purchasing our super cheap boxes you are:


  • getting cheap cardboard boxes for packing, moving and storage

  • helping dogs in need find new loving homes

  • recycling

Box sales enable us to help strays, older dogs, dogs who are no longer wanted and dogs who have been terribly neglected. We also help those who need to rehome a pet due to a change in circumstances.


Cheap Cardboard Box sales also allow us to give groups usually excluded by rescues the opportunity to adopt a companion to love e.g. elderly. 

Click here to see some of the dogs directly saved by box sales.

We at Dog Adoption do not believe in charity or begging for donations from the public. We declare income from box sales and unlike some dog rescues, pay our fair share of tax.


While we commend the work of genuine philanthropic groups, unfortunately not all registered  'charities' are actually charitable - meaning the generosity and kindness of well meaning donors can be exploited. 

We believe some animal welfare groups set up as charities, or non for profit organisations, should be more accountable. 

Some registered charities actually have a great deal of assets and cash on hand. They can also pay employees very handsomely even though they imply they only use volunteers. 


Before you donate to your preferred charity Click here to view their financial position. 

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