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Carrying a Box

Cheap Cardboard Boxes

Cheap, strong cardboard boxes for moving, storage and packing. Like new recycled cardboard boxes, heavy duty, flat packed clean and green. 

Cheap Cardboard Storage, Moving and Packing Boxes Perth

Cheap, clean and green.

We offer quality Cheap Cardboard Boxes for storage, packing and moving solutions. Flat packed and in near new condition. Various sizes - small (great for books) medium (kitchenware) and large (clothing). Sometimes even extra large.

Clean and green, our recycled cardboard moving boxes aim to help the environment by reducing waste sent to landfill. 

Don't waste money on expensive new boxes when Cheap Cardboard Boxes will do the job for a fraction of the cost. 

Our Cardboard Packing
and Moving Boxes

No need to pre-order.

No annoying 'moving packages' or expensive 'bundles'.

Simply chose any combination of sizes according to your individual needs.

Shop online or phone to arrange your order.

What Makes Us Different?

Flexible choices to suit your individual needs. We have multiple boxes all the same size.

Generous sizing and pricing.

Cheap Packing Boxes Perth

Cheap Prices

A fraction of the price of new boxes from the big suppliers. 


Cheap Moving Boxes Karrinyup

Great Quality | Heavy Duty

As new, clean and flat packed. Used once by vendors.  Strong and reliable.. Heavy duty 2 ply (wall thickness) or reinforced 1 ply. 

Large range of cheap cardboard boxes

Large Range

Flexible choices customised to your individual needs. Multiple boxes all the same size. Generous sizing and pricing.

Our Locations
Cheap packing and moving boxes edgewater and perth
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